Landscape Maintenance Services

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Choose from a broad selection of affordable landscape maintenance services that can be tailored to your needs

Guaranteed Landscape Maintenance Services

We’ll be there and perform quality landscape maintenance services, as scheduled
We will invoice at the beginning of each month after we have provided our professional landscape services.
Many flexible landscape and payment options to choose from.
If we ever have a problem, we’ll work hard to make it right! Your landscape maintenance service is our priority!

“Quality of work & timeliness are excellent at a good price.”

-Mark B,-Happy Valley, Oregon

Landscape Maintenance Services / Lawn Care

Landscape Maintenance Service- Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance.
Property managers and homeowners rely on ProScape to keep their landscape projects looking sharp, year-round, with a minimal environmental impact. Choose from a broad selection of affordable landscape maintenance services and lawn care services that can be tailored to your needs – either scheduled, or performed as needed. Our experienced and uniformed crews will work safely and efficiently on all types of landscape maintenance and lawn care services. You’re guaranteed an expert lawn service, with no worries. You can select your custom landscape service from the menu of items below or choose from one of our many established landscape maintenance programs. (please contact us for more detail).

LawnScape Maintenance Services

Year Round Maintenance Programs
Environmentally Friendly Programs
We never use fungicides, insecticides, weed and feed or pre-emergents
Flexible Maintenance Plans
Annual color
Turf Lime Application
Irrigation Services
Organic Maintenance Service
Pest Monitoring
Post-Emergent Weed Control

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Landscape Maintenance Services

MOWING – From 21”, 30″, 36”, 48” to 60” riding, we use the right mower for the size of the lawn care job; Mulching mowers are used whenever possible. We recommend mowing at 3″ or higher to reduce the amount of watering needed, reduce the frequency of fertilization, reduce chemicals, and most importantly to help you save money.

ANNUAL COLOR – We schedule seasonal planting so you have blooms in the landscape all year long.

TURF LIME APPLICATION – Fertilizer works best at the correct PH. We soil test and apply lime in the proper amount.

EDGING – Blade, string, or chemical edging – whichever it takes to make the lawn look it’s best.

FERTILIZATION – Lawn and plants are fertilized as needed to maximize health and beauty, using slow release blends for long lasting results. Trace minerals added seasonally.

IRRIGATION SERVICES – We routinely inspect and adjust your irrigation system to adapt to seasonal conditions as well as performing ON/Off or winterizing lawn and yard service and repairs too, of course. We can often make affordable modifications that dramatically increase lawn watering efficiency and save money.

ORGANIC MAINTENANCE SERVICE – Organic solutions for all your landscape maintenance needs including fertilization, pest monitoring and weed control.

PEST MONITORING – From fungus and mildew to crane fly and moles, we can diagnose and treat most all your landscape pests.

POST-EMERGENT WEED CONTROL – Trained applicators spot-spray (rather than blanket applications) only the most environmentally-neutral products, and only with your permission.

PRUNING – Shrubs and trees (below 12’ only) are pruned to remove deadwood and shape for optimal plant health. Some landscape maintenance options include seasonal hedging, thinning, tipping; custom topiary and bonsai.

“The new landscaping looks great!!! Thank you. And thank you for hauling away the photinia branches from the kindly neighbor who cut the one in front for me. Looks sooo much better.”

– Shelly M,-Lake Oswego, Oregon