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Landscape ConstructionLandscape Construction
Choose from a broad selection of best lawn care service and affordable landscaping construction services that can be tailored to your needs

New Landscape or Landscape Renovation – Our goal is to create beautiful, sustainable, functional outdoor living spaces and commercial landscapes. Every landscaping construction project offers a new opportunity to interact with the environment in positive ways:


Nothing insures a successful organic landscaping project like good soil!


Controlling surface water keeps your organic landscaping intact and  erosion free.


Choosing the right footprint and surface for patios and paths provide lasting enjoyment of your outdoor space.


Pro Scape N.W. designers know what goes where and why, selecting plants that fit your space and your specific landscaping construction site conditions.


Your landscape construction investment is protected with a high- efficiency watering system that best suits the landscaping design.

Pro Scape N.W. landscape construction installations ensure long-term enjoyment for your outdoor living space with minimal landscape maintenance, accomplished on-time and on-budget.

Bodayla Residence Before
Bodayla Residence After
Stairs, Steps & Paths
Boynton Residence Before
Boynton Residence After
Design Tools –

Pro Scape offers two options, or a combination, to best communicate all the elements of your landscape design project.

Aerial View Plan: Computer Aided Design (CAD) —

Scaled or proportional; symbolic rendering with all landscaping design features allows you to see placement of every landscape detail before the project begins. CAD makes revisions quick and easy.

Ground View Plan: Graphic Image Design –

Proportional views of site photographs with images of plants, hardscapes, water features and garden structures imported to represent the finished landscaping design and construction product. Helps you visualize completed landscaping work before breaking ground.

Reprinted from State of Oregon website:

How to Choose a Licensed Professional Landscape Design Contracting Business

Most landscaping design projects are completed without difficulties and people are satisfied with the finished project. Some projects involve minor disputes over workmanship and contract issues which are due mostly to communication errors. However, a few projects occur where major problems arise and the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board (LCB) has learned many of these problems can be avoided if the following steps are taken prior to having the work done:

Develop a list of potential landscape construction businesses.

Ask friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers who they have used and would recommend from their experience. Ask the question: “would you use this landscape contracting business again?

Make sure the business is licensed with the Landscape Contractors Board

Licensing mans the business has a surety bond (min. $3000.00), general liability insurance (min. $100,000.00) and has at least one (1) licensed individual landscape construction professional who is on staff who to directly supervise all unlicensed employees working on the project. This individual has passed a comprehensive examination and has experience in the landscape industry for at least two years.

Call the Landscape Contractors Board: (503)378-5909 or check on our web site: and click on “License Search” to see if the business is licensed. If the landscape contracting business is licensed, then you can get help in resolving disputes and have access to a bond for negligent work or breach of contract through the LCB.