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Mowing Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance. Property managers and homeowners rely on ProScape to keep their landscape projects looking sharp, all year-round.

We offer flexible maintenance plans, including organic options: mowing, blowing, edging, annual color, turf lime application, fertilization, pest monitoring, and post-emergent weed control.


XeriScaping is a design style that emphasizes water conservation by using drought tolerant plants, decorative stone and drip irrigation. Removing or downsizing lawn for Xeriscaping is good for the planet, the wallet and one thing most people can afford to do! Rain gardens are one Xeriscape tool for managing onsite storm water, helping to naturally filter and reduce runoff.


Hardscape is an eco and time friendly way to improve your yard by adding harder elements like bricks, pavers, river stones, decks, fire pits, etc. They require minimal maintenance and enhance the look and feel of your outdoor spaces, while also increasing your usable outdoor space throughout the year. Get a walkway or patio to navigate soggy lawns or a paver patio and outdoor fireplace to stay warm and dry during winter. Call us to discuss your needs and learn what we can provide.

Flagstone Patios & Walkways

Flagstone Patios & Walkways

Nothing matches the elegant, lasting beauty of mortared flagstone. It blends with nature and comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. Pro Scape N.W. has the experience to select the proper stone and special tools for the precise cutting and fitting that a premium project requires. We can also dry fit the stone if you want to grow groundcover in the joints.

Concrete Paving​

Nothing matches the economical versatility and durability of interlocking concrete paving stones. Like poured-in-place concrete, pavers can be used for patios, driveways, walks and paths. Unlike concrete, there is no damage from expansion/contraction or excessive loads (cracking) or tree roots (heaving). Each paver acts as an individual, interlocking with its neighbors for stability. Should staining or chipping occur, they can be easily replaced as individuals. They are cool under foot because the joints disperse the heat, eliminating ‘fried egg’ concrete on hot days. Incredible diversity of color, style and pattern make pavers the first choice for most hardscaping applications.

Retaining Walls​

Want to eliminate slope or stop erosion on a steep lot; define a flower bed; create separation and additional seating around a patio? You may need a wall. Made of natural stone, concrete blocks or treated wood, free-standing vertical or battered (the angle at which the wall leans into the area to be retained) walls come in a multitude of textures, shapes and sizes. Pro Scape N.W. professionals have the experience and knowledge of materials to analyze your site and determine the most effective and safe wall solution for you (Walls over 4’ may require a permit with an engineering detail. Check your local codes).

Stairs, Steps & Paths​

Moving in the landscape efficiently and easily is one of the most basic and important design elements. Pro Scape N.W. designers have a full pallet of stair (dimensional tread/rise ratio), step (casual tread/rise) and path options to provide aesthetic and functional access throughout your project. Whether integrating stairs into a wall or stepping stones into a path there is a wide array of possibilities for every site and taste, from rustic wood to mortared flagstone.

Garden Structures​

Garden boxes, arbors and pergolas (a garden feature forming a shaded walk or passageway of pillars that support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice. As a type of gazebo, it may also be an extension of a building or as protection for an open terrace) all define and enhance your outdoor living space. Simple or complex in nature and design, a garden structure can be your focal point, a functional asset or both.

Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems​

Fast installations at low prices – ProScape NW designs and installs sprinkler systems using the highest quality materials, Rainbird, Hunter, MP Rotator, Wilkins and Febco to name a few. Experienced ProScape NW irrigation technicians install or modify systems quickly, with a minimum of damage to the landscape, often install systems in only one day.

Water Features​

The sound and movement of water has long been a source of relaxation and meditation. Our Water Features will also help mask environmental noise pollution and provide wildlife habitat. Pro Scape N.W. offers a wide range of water feature options for every budget. Exciting new technologies also offer rain harvesting (collected water is stored and used for a water feature and/or supplemental landscape watering) and pond-less (water re-circulates from a hidden reservoir; great for small sites; kid-friendly). New high-efficiency pumps, skimmers and bio-filters reduce operating costs, maintenance and make larger systems affordable and a pleasure to own.

Outdoor Lighting​

Increase the use of your outdoor spaces with properly designed and installed low voltage lighting from Pro Scape N.W. Whether it’s up-lighting a tree or illuminating a deck, path or driveway, lighting can enhance the beauty and safety of your property like nothing else. Pro Scape N.W. designers and technicians have the knowledge and experience to select transformers (12v or 24v, single or multi-tap), fixtures (bullets, pagodas, etc.), bulbs (incandescent, halogen or LED) and accessories (timers, motion detectors and photo cells) from the foremost manufacturers and install an automatic system that will perform, worry-free, year after year.

Landscape Maintenance Clackamas

Landscape Construction

Choose from a broad selection of best lawn care service and affordable landscaping construction services that can be tailored to your needs

New Landscape or Landscape Renovation – Our goal is to create beautiful, sustainable, functional outdoor living spaces and commercial landscapes. Every landscaping construction project offers a new opportunity to interact with the environment in positive ways:

Soil improvements, managing storm water, functional hardscaping, well-adapted planting, and water-rise irrigation.