I am writing to let you know about recent advances in LED technology that will greatly improve the performance of your low voltage lighting system. There is a new generation of LED direct-replacement bulbs for your MR-16 and T3 fixtures that use far less power, are guaranteed for 5 years (Halogens average life 1 year) and have the same warm-white light as their Halogen cousins (as opposed to the cool, blue-white of earlier LED bulbs). Since LEDs draw less current more fixtures can be added to the existing lines if need be and electrical consumption cost is reduced by about 70%. The cost to upgrade your system, including bulbs (14 MR16, 20 T3) and labor (includes cleaning fixtures and lenses and positioning fixtures for optimal performance): $1,294.00 Halogen bulbs require prompt replacement when they burn out because they require a specific, narrow range of voltage for optimal life. If one goes out, the unconsumed voltage can overload the other bulbs and cause shorter life or failure. To assist clients with larger systems we started our Lighting Annual Maintenance Program (LAMP). With a LAMP agreement, we inspect the system, clean the fixtures and lenses, change all the bulbs and position fixtures for optimal performance by either cutting back foliage or moving the fixture. The annual cost for your system LAMP (14 MR16, 20 T3), labor and materials: $320.00. The bulb count is taken from my records. We will need to confirm the count before proceeding.